Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging is perfect for products intended to be positioned directly at the consumer. This type of plastic packaging offers better security than blister packaging, for example, and is a popular packaging choice for small high-value items. Clear, plastic clamshells are useful, high visibility, clean, protective and reusable packaging solutions for the retail, electronics, industrial, consumer goods and medical applications. Clamshells can be manufactured from a wide variety of resins based on the application or proposed function. Common clamshell materials incude PET, PVC, PS, PP, OPS, and PETG (read more about them). For sustainable solutions, recycled content and even bio-based materials are available.

Clamshell Packaging Features

  • One piece of custom-formed plastic sheet folded at the hinge over onto itself
  • Held securely in place with button snaps or a sealed perimeter
  • Multiple display options
  • Use of two hinges creates a tri-fold clamshell that allows the package to stand freely
  • The design of a hanger hole allows the package to hang from a hook
  • Designed to be difficult to open by hand to discourage theft
  • Incorporate the product’s shape to enhance brand identity

Clamshell Packaging Description

  • Maintains the closure of the lid to the tray portion of the clamshell
  • Not a permanent closure method
  • Theft deterrent solution
  • Secures clamshell front to clamshell back
  • Ideal for reusable clamshell applications
  • Retains insert card if required or used
  • Provides an added layer of closure of the lid to the tray portion
  • Strategic placement on the clamshell for product retention
  • Ideal for reusable clamshell
  • Can be included with or without clamshell perimeter snap feature
  • Portion of the clamshell which is located just outside the perimeter snap feature
  • Minimum flange is required for manufacturability
  • Provides clamshell structure
  • Flange can be sealed using RF, ultrasonic, adhesive and mechanical applications
  • Top of flange can be used and designed to accept hanger hole placement
  • A die cut or punched feature within the clamshell flange
  • Allows for product display on a peg or hook
  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Location imperative for proper positioning of display peg
  • UPPI designer will work to ensure proper location
  • Can be single or double hanger hole – application specific
  • Can be included on single or double flange clamshells
  • Cavity can be custom designed to fit specific product
  • Cavity can be generic in shape and size if used for multiple items
  • Great for products like screws, bolts, nails, etc.
  • Product cavity can be positioned on front, back or both clamshell sections
  • Allows for improved or optional product placement
  • Designed based on product size and cavity location
  • A living hinge is a thermoformed hinge which will allow for repeat closing and opening of clamshell
  • A perforated hinge – is a hinge which is created by use of cutting die, creating a flat hinge surface
  • In most cases a perforated hinge will is for single use applications
  • A perforated hinge offers ease of removing clamshell front from clamshell back section (tear apart)
  • Company name and address
  • Website address
  • Plastic resin code
  • Recycle recommendation
  • Most fonts and font sizes are available
Custom Clamshell Packaging by UPPI


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