Capabilities of UPPI

With corporate headquarters based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and strategic joint venture manufacturing partners in Mexico and Europe – Universal Protective Packaging, Inc. (UPPI) has positioned itself to handle the demands placed on an industry leader. Our ability to maintain our position as an industry leader is the result of our conviction that each customer is the responsibility of every UPPI employee. Despite our size, your firm can take comfort in knowing that your packaging concerns will be a priority with UPPI. From our award-winning team of designers to our motivated management team to our dedicated scores of employees, every job at UPPI is treated as if it is the only job.

UPPI Delivers Custom Thermoformed Packaging Solutions

  • Over 30 years of thermoforming experience
  • 60,000 + sq.ft. manufacturing and warehouse space under one roof
  • Computerized high speed in-line thermoforming machines
  • Inventory management programs
  • Global manufacturing capabilities
  • Award-winning design team
  • Network of established common carriers

UPPI Delivers Global Solutions

UPPI’s headquarters in Mechanicsburg has been the home of the corporation since 1992. Contains over 60,000 square feet of office, manufacturing, and warehouse space with seven high speed in-line thermoformers in production under the guidance of three shifts of operation. Our foreign manufacturing partners in Mexico and Europe allow UPPI to service our customers worldwide.

UPPI Delivers Sustainable Solutions

UPPI places the highest priority on our relationship with the environment and our responsibility to the environment. Our locations have a closed loop recycling program designed to minimize our impact on our green partner. A recycling program is in place that takes refuse and turns it into new raw material. One component package design decreases waste making it a better environmental choice than the traditional three-part packaging method. Many of our packaging products can be used for more than one application. UPPI supports research of materials produced from renewable resources such as biodegradable and compost-able films.


UPPI is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of specialized, custom thermoformed plastic packaging. Our business is the design, creation, and production of effective, yet cost-efficient packaging for the retail, medical, electronics, industrial, and food industries. If you would like to learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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