Fragile Packaging

Reduce your packaging process costs as well as your environmental impact through one of Universal Protective Packaging, Inc.’s licensed post-consumer recycled material fragility packaging solutions. Each of these packaging solutions are produced from clean, recycled, reprocessed and thermoformed HDPE material. The patented Geospring®and U-Pad & Lid® thermoformed fragility packaging solutions will help your company realize total cost of ownership saving of 15-30% or more compared to expensive and bulky expanded polystyrene or laminated PE plank foam end caps.

Fragile Packaging Solutions

  • North America License: Geospring® – End cap used to ship single products
  • North America License: U-Pad & Lid® – Packaging used to ship bulk products
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Protects your product from shock and vibration damage with built-in rigidity features
  • Improves cleanliness by decreasing contaminates
  • Works in most of today’s automation systems
  • Reduces space requirements and carbon footprint
  • 1 truck of Geospring® packs = 10 trucks of polystyrene foam

Geospring won gold in the 2014 SPE Thermoforming Parts Competition. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of these products, and the ways we can develop a custom packaging solution for your product.

Watch Geospring® in action


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