Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is ideal for small consumer goods. This type of plastic packaging highlights the product and provides a degree of tamper resistance while still being easy to open. One of the most common applications for blister packaging can be seen in the cosmetics industry.

Blister Packaging Solutions

  • One piece of custom-formed plastic sheet
  • Used in conjunction with specially manufactured paperboard to complete the package
  • Blister can be trapped between two pieces of paperboard to make a trapped blister
  • Blister can be affixed to a single piece of paperboard
  • Blister is held in place using heat and pressure to activate an adhesive on paperboard

Blister Packaging Benefits

  • Incorporate the product’s shape to enhance brand identity
  • High-visibility package showcases product
  • Designed to be easy to open by hand
  • Strong enough to hang on a hook

Types of Thermoformed Packaging

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