Custom Blister Packaging

Custom Blister packaging is ideal for small consumer goods. This type of plastic packaging highlights the product and provides a degree of tamper resistance while still being easy to open. Clear, plastic blisters are cost-effective, high visibility, clean, and protective packaging solutions for the retail, electronics, industrial, consumer goods and medical applications. Blisters in combination with paper backer cards can be manufactured from a wide variety of resins based on the application, proposed function and product size. Common blister materials – PET, PVC, GPETG and PETG. For sustainable solutions, recycled content and even bio-based materials are available.

Custom Blister Packaging Features

  • One piece of custom-formed plastic sheet
  • Used in conjunction with specially manufactured paperboard to complete the package
  • Blister can be trapped between two pieces of paperboard to make a trapped blister
  • Blister can be affixed to a single piece of paperboard
  • Blister is held in place using heat and pressure to activate an adhesive on paperboard
  • Incorporate the product’s shape to enhance brand identity
  • High-visibility package showcases product
  • Designed to be easy to open by hand
  • Strong enough to hang on a hook

Custom Blister Packaging Description

  • Trapped blisters: a blister which is trapped and secured between to blister cards
  • Face seal blister: blister which is sealed to the blister card on the flange surface
  • Full face seal blister: blister which is sealed to blister card not only on flange surface but other sections of the blister
  • This is a portion of the blister which is located just outside the product cavity
  • Minimum flange is required for manufacturability and sealing to or within a blister card or trap blister
  • Provides blister structure
  • Area can be used to identify product with part number
  • Flange can be sealed to a blister card or trapped within “ trapped blister” fold over card
  • Top of flange can be used and designed to accept hanger hole placement
  • Specific cavity for retention and containment of packaged product
  • Cavity can be custom designed to fit specific product
  • Product retention features can be included to reduce product movement within blister
  • Cavity can be generic in shape and size if used for multiple items like screws, bolts, nails, etc.
  • Product cavity can be positioned on front, back or both blister sections – the latter – would be considered a double blister
  • A packaging solution which ensures product integrity.
  • A blister is sealed to aqueous coated card
  • When blister is removed or attempted to be removed, the blister presents evidence of tampering
  • Visible evidence of tampering
  • Text or logo which is engraved on the production tool which will appear on all blisters manufactured.
  • Company name and address
  • Website address
  • Plastic resin code
  • Recycle recommendation
  • Most fonts and font sizes are available
Custom Blister Packaging by UPPI